About Heep

M.S.B.C. HEEP is the one and only student badminton association of Maastricht! Next to badminton, we offer a range of fun activities throughout the year. Also, members often meet up for drinks and going out.

Location: UM SPORTS Randwyck, P. Debyeplein 15, 6229 HA Maastricht


Training hours:


Tuesday 21:00h-23:00h


Thursday 20:00h-21.30h




Every Tuesday, Thursday, HEEP has its own so called HEEP-hours at the UM SPORTS centre. On Thursdays, members team up against each other for small competitions (free play). On Tuesday, HEEP offers an advanced training.

Everyone plays together during these HEEP-hours, so you do not need a certain skill in badminton to have a good time!

After an exhausting training, we usually go for a drink in either café Thembi, or café TimeOut in the UM SPORTS centre itself.



Next to the free play on Thursday for all skill levels, HEEP offers something extra for more skilled players. HEEP-members can, exclusively, join an advanced training! This training will focus on different techniques and movements. Training always takes place on Tuesday from 21:30h - 23:30h and is given by Jack Aarts. Please be on time, because Jack will make groups at the beginning of the training!

Of course, novice skilled players and people new to badminton, can participate in training sessions as well. UM SPORTS offers basic training on Tuesday from 19:30h-21:30h. 

During UM SPORTS hours trainers will be present to assist you, and during HEEP-hours there will be members who are more than happy to help you!


Regional competition

During academic year 2016-2017 HEEP does not play national competition. However, every now and then there is a regional tournament in which you can participate. Teams can be made during the HEEP-hours. Subscription fees are partly sponsored by HEEP.


Tournament: ISBT

HEEP organises an ISBT annually. ISBT stands for International Student Badminton Tournament. This is usually a very fun experience, since both Dutch and foreign students play badminton with each other, party for a whole weekend, and have a sleep-over in the sports hall. What more can you wish for?!

Information regarding the ISBT of 2016-2017 will be posted here.

Next to our own ISBT we also visit ISBT's from other clubs. We have been to Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Berlin, Utrecht, Tilburg, Enschede, Tonsberg (Norway), Paris and Prague, so it is internationally orientated!



HEEP organises all kinds of activities for her members, next to all the badminton related activities. These are monthly activities. Examples from the past are pool/snooker, bowling, wokken, board- and drinking games, and much more. Usually, these activities are related to the current seazon, such as ice skating and of course the famous Dutch Carnaval! Of course, members are more than welcome to propose ideas for future events!