A certain number of student back in the days, i.e. 1990, were really passionate about badminton and decided to found a student Badminton club that is still today called MSBC HEEP. This idea facilitated the promotion of their favourite sport and to have better contact with the university. The first president of HEEP was Richtie Trieling.

In Dutch the name MSBC  stands for Maastrichtste Studenten Badminton Club and means nothing more than 'student badminton club Maastricht'. But why the name 'HEEP'? Heep was found in a Latin-Dutch dictionary and stands for Humanum Enim Est Peccare. You may recognize this sentence, and you also may be able to discover the mistake?

Setting up a new club, with a new board is not that easy. Hopefully meetings were taking place in nice cafe's, with a refreshing beer! Today the vice-president and the president are married with two children. That was just for the gossip part of course. However it shows how strong links HEEP can create...!

In 2012 HEEP celebrated its 20th anniversary! Youhou!

If you want to know more about HEEP do not hesitate to dig up the archive of HEEP (in one of the board member's place). History is nice but we don't want you to fall asleep either :)